An Introduction to my cabinets..

I am by no means a collector or even serious hobbyist when it comes to arcade cabinet ownership, at least when compared to some people I have met through the few years since I was bitten by this sometimes crazy pastime.  With some able to fill warehouses with their collections, others with incredibly rare and expensive machines under their belt, and a few even having them take over every room in their house, my cab list feels somewhat measly in comparison.

That said, I am really just starting out and constantly limited by cash and just as restricting, space. But despite such continuous hindrances I still feel happy with my progress, from the initial foray of my first purchase, through the few cabs that I have bought and sold, to the keepers that I have and/or continue to restore, and onwards to those that I now know that I want to own.

In this section I intend to document this  journey, which incudes a lot of highs, some lows and a complete u-turn, if for no other reason than I’ll likely forget, but also because it’s nice to look back and take stock and it would be great if some of you joined me through my tale.

As a kid in the 80’s, in the Northern seaside arcades, if anyone had told me that I would actually own some of those cabs that were eating my 10p’s, I would’ve laughed, looked weirdly at them, then shovelled some more coins through the slot.

Who knew……

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