One can never be enough.

It had been a big step, buying and running my first cab, but with that journey behind me, it may have been inevitable that a second cab was soon to follow.

I had found my feet on the forums, which for me are by far the best, but certainly not the only, place to buy and source cabs through. I had found a good, friendly reliable courier to transport any new purchases and I had space!

So the hunt was on, but the big question was, what cab was I going to be looking for? Looking back the answer was probably always there, but for something so apparent, it took a lot of searching before I found it.

My first cab had been everything I had ever hoped for, and more, but as great as it was, it lacked any personal relevance to myself. I had no history with the cab or the game, something that I hadn’t considered to be that important, but was quickly realising that it really was.

Whilst this ultimately closed the door on the long term ownership of my Scud Race, it did allow me to considerably narrow my search for cab number 2.

But that still left a lot of potential titles to choose from. I needed it to have some resonance to my childhood but I also wanted it to have a certain amount of recognition as a title too. And, with the fairly successful tinkerings on my first cab, I was keen to buy a doer-upper and flex my new found skill set a bit further.

Then it happened, again, one morning whilst online, I refreshed the forum posts and the advert had only been on about 30 minutes or so. It was a cab that had done the rounds on the forum a bit, didn’t work, unknown faults, current buyer had hoped to get it working but had ran out if time/space, etc. This can sound a little suspect, and sometimes will be, but I’ve also come to understand just how right this can be too, especially after a drunken Ebay purchase in the wee hours.. (we’ve all hovered a little too close to the Buy It Now button!)

But after a chat with the owner, a very appealing price agreed, which included delivery that very evening! Well, it would’ve been rude not to….

And so a short time later the cab was not only mine but also in my garage, an original Zaccaria ‘The Invaders’ arcade cabinet. Yes, it didn’t work. Yes, it was rough around the edges. But all the original components were there including the backdrop, mirror and all the internal components, including the original monitor.

20150419_1717361     20150419_1718561

So why this title? As a teenage kid in secondary school, myself and our group spent most lunchtimes and free periods in the back room of a nearby hotel where they had a pool table, dartboard and of course a Zaccaria arcade cabinet. The amount of 10 pences that I must have sacrificed a wholesome lunch for, in order to play this game endlessly, trying to keep those invading aliens at bay, must’ve kept that hotel afloat during such recessive times!

Whilst I can’t say with any definition if this was the first game I played in an arcade cabinet, it is certainly one of a few that commands a place in my memories.

And with delivery taken, I had my next project. To see how both the cab and myself fared with this blind leap into cab fixing and restoration, please click over to read part 1 of the restoration thread here….

Zaccaria – The Invaders – Part 1.

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