So, what about me.  Well, I was born in the mid 1970’s, and grew up in the north of England, with many weekends and trips to the seaside resorts of Blackpool, Morecambe and Scarborough, where the greatest attraction was always the arcade emporiums.

As a child growing up, my bedroom saw many home computer and console come and go, as I strove to always have the latest, even if not always the greatest, incarnation as it was released.

My fondest memories at home, are of my first taste of this wondrous ability to be able to bring the games of the arcade into your home.  And despite this being in the guise of the hugely underpowered Commodore 16 (we couldn’t afford the C64), my attention was grabbed and my imagination (this was needed a lot with the C16 conversions) fired.

Through all the upgrades and consoles that followed, with the promise of near perfect arcade conversions, even up to present day generations, nothing ever quite came close to the arcade experience.  Most times this was due to the hardware, but even when the home stuff caught up, it just wasn’t the same, with the sights, sounds and physical cabinet still sadly lacking.

But, surely that’s just life, these huge machines with sky high price-tags, always going to be out of the reach of most, especially those Commodore 16 owners.  Or at least that was what I thought….

Then the more you dig, the more you find and the more you want…..

So, here I am now, the owner of a few arcade cabinets, more been owned and now sold, loving everything from the arcade’s golden era of the 1980’s.  Gone is the kid who hankered for the latest release, the must have new generation hardware, and in his place is an (middle) aging adult with a newly found fondness for everything he once owned, a lot he never thought he ever would and enough skills to make those he likely never could.

But rather than keeping scattered notes hidden in drawers and digital photos that will never be printed, I decided, to record some of my progress here, for my own records mainly, but then if you have stumbled here and still reading this, then feel free to read some more and pop back every once in while to see what has changed.

You never know, you might find something that you had forgotten all about, until now…


Neil McEwan